52 Ways: #21 Fill ‘er up

Offer to fill up your pastor’s gas tank

This week’s way to care for your pastor seems pretty self-explanatory, doesn’t it?  Your pastor has a car.  Your pastor’s car runs on gasoline (or diesel).  Your pastor needs to fill up the gas tank regularly.  Therefore, offering to fill up the gas tank with fuel is a very useful and practical way to show that you care.

I could just stop there.  But I won’t.

First, let me define who I mean by pastor.  I mean anyone in a pastoral leadership role in your church; not just the person up front each week.  You know that young man (who is married with a young child) that works with the high school and junior high kids?  Did you know that he consistently picks up and drops off kids that are too young to drive and that he often meets several other students under his care at various locations around town in order to encourage and mentor them?  That uses up quite a bit of gasoline.  How about the Children’s Pastor that had to dash out a gazillion times to pick up items needed for the Christmas program?  Did you think about the Single’s Pastor that had a 3-hour road trip to meet up for a weekend event?  I could go on………but you get the idea.

We want to expand your thinking when we discuss Leader Care.  We (Standing Stone Ministry) are encouraging you to care for all of your church leadership in practical ways that say I care about you.

So, practically speaking, cash, a gift card, or one-time credit card (purchased at most grocery stores) can be slipped into an envelope and handed to the pastor (of your choice) with an explanation of intent and a note of thanks.  Easy enough, right?  Especially if he/she doesn’t know you well enough to hand you the keys to the car!

As with any of these 52 Ways to Care for Your Pastor you are under no obligation.  No arm twisting.  No guilt.  Our purpose is to simply help everyone think outside of the box when it comes to ways to encourage and support those who spend their lives trying to encourage and support us and our families.

Now that we are more than one-third of the way through a year of Leader Care we’d love to hear your stories.  Drop us a line at info@standingstoneministry.org and tell us what you’ve done.  You can also comment on our blog posts over at the website – www.standingstoneministry.org.

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