52 Ways: #27 – Watch the kiddies


Offer to babysit the kids/take them overnight

Does your pastor have babies, young children, or even teens?  Do you know if your pastor and his/her spouse have a regular date night?  Have you ever thought about offering to babysit the kids or invite the kids to stay with your family overnight?

Obviously, you need to have a personal relationship with your pastor and his/her family in order to make such an offer.  Otherwise, well……….stranger danger, and all that.  But, if you do know your pastor and his/her family well, why not offer to watch the kids so the pastor and his/her spouse can have a night off?  Depending on the kids’ ages, you just may want to make it a sleepover.  Why?  So your pastor and his/her spouse can have time to recharge their batteries.  So they can rekindle the flame that is threatening to blow out from a life full of nurturing other relationships to the detriment to their own.

Remember, this offer doesn’t just extend to the guy up front.  Think of the other ministry leaders in your church.  Better yet, think of the spouses.  Ministry can take its toll on a marriage.  Giving your pastor and his/her spouse a chance to connect sans kids is a great blessing.

Don’t just limit your offer to a date night though.  Once kids enter the picture a ministry leader’s spouse is often left out of ministry opportunities because of those little blessings.  Is your church having a high school bowl-a-rama next month?  Do you think the high school pastor’s spouse would be interested in chaperoning her husband and his 45 goofy charges for the night (yes, I meant to say chaperoning the high school pastor.  Most HS pastors I know could use a chaperone)?  If you offer to watch her littles she would be able to join in the fun.

So, come on all of you empty nesters, you’d love to refresh those diapering skills wouldn’t you?   Any singles out there?  How about taking the tweens and teens out for the night to give the weary parents a well-deserved break?  Your pastor and spouse (okay, probably mostly the spouse) will thank you!





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