52 Ways: #29 – Write a letter of appreciation

Write a letter of appreciation to your denominational headquarters or board members

Do you think your pastor is doing an awesome job?  Do you appreciate the time it takes him/her to prepare the message every week, meet with church members, and take care of church business?  Do you want to be an encouragement in his/her life?

Consider writing a letter of appreciation, not to the pastor, but to your denominational headquarters or church board members.  I know, I know, letter writing takes time.  It takes effort.  In some cases it might take a bit of detective work to find an address or addresses.  But the dividends are priceless.

In political circles emails are said to represent x number of people.  Phone calls and faxes are given a higher number rating.  Letters are given the highest rating.  Why?  Because it takes more effort to write or type a letter, address an envelope, and then actually mail the letter.

By writing a letter and mailing it to your denominational headquarters or to your church board members (in the event you are part of a nondenominational church) your actions are speaking very loudly.  Your voice is heard very loudly.

Want to bet that your church’s denominational headquarters or church board members receive negative communications to a much greater degree than positive communications?  It seems when people get riled up – in a bad way – they take the time to communicate their feelings.  Yet, how many times have you been riled up – in a good way – and wanted to express yourself, but failed to do so?

Recently I had a great experience at a store.  An employee went above and beyond to help me out.  When I got home I called the store manager and expressed my appreciation.  I felt really good about the gesture, the store manager felt good, and ultimately the store employee was recognized for his outstanding service to the company.  Is it okay to make the same effort to recognize the shepherds that go above and beyond to minister to me and my family?  I think it is more than okay.  It is an act of love.

Since snail mail isn’t as popular as it once was I’m going to cut everyone some slack and suggest that sending an email is a perfectly acceptable means of communication.  In fact, I encourage emails because those that are already on their computers or phones day in and day out won’t have a hard time finding a denomination or church website and firing off an email or two.  The sentiment and words are the same no matter the means of communication.

This week would be a great week to send off a letter or email expressing your appreciation for your pastor(s).  Do you agree?

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