52 Ways: #30 Acknowledge birthdays

Acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries 

I’ve got an easy one here for you, folks.  What do you say we all find out our pastor(s) birthday and anniversary date (if married, of course) and overwhelm him/her/them with cards?

Did you ever seen Miracle on 34th Street?  Remember the scene at the end when the U.S. Postal Service delivered bags and bags of mail for Santa Claus to the courtroom where Kris Kringle was on trial?  Got that picture in your head?  Wouldn’t it be fun to reenact a scene like that in your pastor’s office?  Can you imagine how fun it would be to overwhelm the birthday boy or girl with tons of cards and well wishes?

How about balloons?  I know of one pastor that arrived at his office on his birthday to be greeted with a room packed full of helium balloons.  The staff had fun with those balloons all day long.

I can think of lots of other ways to acknowledge your pastor’s birthday and/or anniversary.  All are fun.  All speak of love and care, respect and encouragement.  Some are just plain crazy, some more conservative.  No matter.

Do you think your church could pull off a birthday or anniversary surprise?  It sure would be fun to try.

My challenge, if you’ll take it, is to find out the birth dates and anniversary dates of each member of your pastoral team and do something fun and out of the box as a way to acknowledge these important milestones.  It could be so much fun for you and your congregation as you work together to pull off a big surprise.  Then, tell us about it!

Did you take 500 ping pong balls signed by each member of the congregation and ……………….

Oh, come on!   You know you want to!

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