52 Ways: #31 – Got vacation?

Let the family use your vacation home or timeshare

Summer is almost here!  Kids will soon be finished with the school year and families are making plans for a vacation trip.  Your pastor and his/her family are no exception.  Everyone looks forward to the Dog Days of Summer and a little time for R & R.

Do you have a vacation home or a timeshare that will go unused for a week or so during these next few months?  Is it possible to offer the use of your vacation home or timeshare to your pastor and his/her spouse/family?

I have very happy memories of trips given to my husband and me from a friend/member of our church that worked at a timeshare company.  The first time she approached us with a trip to a resort in Mazatlán my husband and I were astonished.  We were poor church mice just barely scraping by.  We had three kids ranging from elementary school to high school and had never considered the possibility of going away by ourselves (without kids) because we knew we didn’t have the finances.  However, once we were offered a free stay we somehow figured out a way to pay for our airfare.  I cannot tell you how much the trip blessed us, our marriage, and in many ways our ministry.  We’d never taken the time away to just relax and play.  We came home refreshed and eager to jump back into ministry.

Since then this same precious woman has given us the opportunity to take our kids on a trip to Kauai and to have a place to stay near the army base when our son came home from at 15-month deployment in Iraq – indisputably the happiest day of my life!  Her thoughtfulness has blessed my life in ways she will never completely know or understand.

If you are someone fortunate enough to have a second home or timeshare and you know that the house/timeshare will go unused, please consider the thought of allowing your pastor or other ministry couples from your church, or even a local church, the use of your property.  Time away to just relax, have fun, play in the sun, and enjoy family is a precious commodity.  Your generosity can make that happen.

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