52 Ways: #35 – Provide a meal

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a meal provided from another family or church member?  During difficult times have people dropped by your house with dinner so you didn’t have to trouble yourself to cook when you were recovering from surgery, a birth, or the death of a loved one?  I have and it was wonderful.

Have you ever thought of providing your pastor’s family with a meal for no other reason than you were thinking about them and wanted to be a blessing?

When I was a full-time teacher, mother of three elementary school-aged kids, and a pastor’s wife a student’s mom surprised me by bringing dinner for my family when she picked her child up from school.  I can still remember how grateful I was and how honored I felt.  There was no particular reason except that she’d been thinking of a practical way to bless me and thought providing dinner and dessert would do just that.  It did.  I remember how delighted I was to bring the food home (really good lasagna, if I remember correctly, salad, garlic bread, and a cake), heat it up, and then simply enjoy it.  It is still a vivid memory because it only happened once; in 12 years of teaching.

Do you think you could do something similar for your pastor(s)?  I’ll bet you could call him/her up, text, email or call the spouse and find out a good day during the week for you to drop something by their home or the church.  A nice Sunday afternoon meal might be a great choice.  I know that by the time Sunday rolled around I was tired of cooking, my husband was exhausted, and the kids just wanted to relax.  If we didn’t stop at a restaurant on the way home from church we usually just scrounged what was left over in the refrigerator.  A home cooked meal would have been a real blessing.

Can’t cook?  No problem, that’s what restaurant gift certificates are for.  The thought is the same either way.   The intention is to be a blessing in a practical and maybe an unexpected way.  In 30+ years of ministry I honestly can’t think of a time that someone dropped off a meal “just because” and only once during 12 years of teaching.  That’s not to say we didn’t have people care for us during times of hardship or need, we did.  I’m referring to the unexpected, out of the blue, no particularly special reason meal drop off.

If this week’s suggestion strikes a chord with you we’d love to hear from you.  Have you ever blessed one of your pastors or ministry leaders just because?  Are you inspired to make a meal sometime soon? It is our hope that you’ll take this suggestion and run with it and come up with creative ways of your own to be a blessing.

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