52 Ways: #2 Coffee Shop or Restaurant Gift Card

Wait. What? Starbucks, Peet’s, Corner Bakery or Panera Bread gift cards are of #2 importance to your pastor?


Apart from the first week (prayer) all of the remaining 51 ways to care for your pastor are in no particular order. Some weeks will be easy, like today, and some will take much more care and planning. It is our hope that these 52 ways will jump start your creative juices so that you will understand and acknowledge the importance of caring for our church leaders, and then actively participate in the process through thoughtful, fun, and interesting ways.

So, why the coffee house or restaurant gift card? Is it because we know that most pastors would benefit from a direct IV of caffeine and lemon bars to make it through the day? Nope. Most pastors probably drink too much caffeine and could dial it back a cup or two and definitely don’t need more calorie-laden sweets. The coffee house/restaurant gift card is for others because quite often a pastor will meet people in a safe, public venue such as a coffee house for counseling or mentoring purposes.

Some people find it uncomfortable to meet with the pastor in his office at church. There could be many reasons for this, but having the option of meeting at a local coffee house or restaurant is an easy way for your pastor to minister to others. Also, just the act of buying the other person a cup of coffee or tea helps set the tone for the entire meeting. A gift card helps defray the cost to the pastor, which can add up quite quickly.

To be fully honest though, the gift card isn’t just for ministering to others. Your pastor might just enjoy a mocha chip macchiato with extra whip now and then after a hard day in the trenches. Nothin’ wrong with that.

So what do you think? The next time you’re in line for your daily fix of java or soup and sandwich combo, will you consider grabbing a gift card to pass along to your pastor? It will be appreciated!


**We recognize that there are many women pastors and that all posts don’t apply equally to men and women in ministry.  We try to be gender neutral and when the use of he/she or him/her is too cumbersome we default to the masculine pronoun.  The reverse is true for referring to the pastor’s spouse.  We hope that you can read past these masculine and feminine pronouns to the spirit behind each post —- creative ways to be a blessing to those who serve us…..and their spouses.

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