52 Ways: #5 Fix Things

Meet at his/her house on his/her day off in order to fix things around the place.

I hate to burst any bubbles, but that dynamic preaching machine that can effortlessly translate from the original Greek or Hebrew text on a Sunday morning might be all thumbs on a Monday morning when he tries to fix a dripping faucet or leaking toilet. Even if he is a more-than-adequate DIY’er he may have a Honey Do List a mile long because he is often called away for various ministry purposes or, probably more honestly, he’s just too pooped out on his days off.

If you’re a Mr./Ms. Fix It and would love to bless your pastor (AND his wife) then make arrangements to meet at his house on one of his days off and fix some things around the place.  Are you an electrician?  Ask if he has any need for your services.  Are you a painter, plumber, auto mechanic, or all around handyman?  Same thing.  There are probably several jobs that need doing inside and out.

Even if your pastor loves to tinker around the house you can always ask him if he could use an extra pair of hands. After all, “A problem shared is a problem halved.” and “Many hands make the task light.”  Am I right?  He’ll appreciate the help and the companionship, especially if the job is a tough one.

Of course I’m assuming you have some skills. Need I elaborate?

This could be a really fun idea if there are a few larger projects that need attention and a (skilled) work crew was assembled to knock out the jobs in a short time. You could even add a few great cooks and their culinary contributions to sweeten the pot!  Hard work, great food, and fun fellowship.  Win-win for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Snap on your tool belt and make that call!

**We recognize that there are many women pastors and that all posts don’t apply equally to men and women in ministry.  We try to be gender neutral and when the use of he/she or him/her is too cumbersome we default to the masculine pronoun.  The reverse is true for referring to the pastor’s spouse.  We hope that you can read past these masculine and feminine pronouns to the spirit behind each post —- creative ways to be a blessing to those who serve us…..and their spouses.

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