52 Ways: #6 Goodies!

Drop off donuts, bagels, cookies or fruit at the church office for the staff to enjoy.

Lest we forget about all of the others that serve us through our local church we are going to focus on the church staff, which means EVERYONE ELSE that plays a role in regular church life. I don’t want to create a list because I’d invariably forget an important department and ruffle feathers.  By EVERYONE ELSE I mean everyone other than the lead pastor, although he/she too can share in the bounty of generosity this post will inspire.

Most churches have a fat counter, i.e., the place where all goodies donated to the church are stored for 0.7 seconds before the hallways are full of people pushing and shoving to get to the above mentioned counter or shelf.  We had such a fat counter (I don’t know how the name came about, that’s just what it was called) at a former church and almost daily people dropped off things much to our collective gastric delight.  Have an extra half sheet cake from a wedding reception?  How about a tray of muffins from the Ladies’ Tea?  That bag of grandma’s homemade oatmeal cookies that the kids don’t like because raisins are not the same as chocolate chips?  No problem, give it to the church!  We were happy to take pretty much anything and everything, hence the name, Fat Counter.  We loved it!  We appreciated it!  We looked forward to having a treat (or several) each day.  We even liked the healthy stuff!

So, if you’d like to bless your church staff, including any volunteers hanging around, then drop by your church with your offering of goodies. They don’t have to be store bought because leftovers are equally appreciated.  Just be sure and give the offering to the church receptionist or Administrative Assistant to pass out in a judicious manner because those Youth Ministers have a nose for the good stuff like a bloodhound on the trail of wild boar…………I’m just sayin’.

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