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Cheri and Bob Shank

Who cares about the caregivers? Pastors – along with their wives – are like firefighters, without the days off. Congregants dial 911 from the church directory and get instant service… but, where do the ministry leaders go to be refreshed, renewed and re-energized?

Standing Stone Ministry is an answer to a compelling need. It’s not group therapy; its model is based on the biblical principle of iron sharpening iron. Jesus took His leaders away to a quiet place, away from people (Mark 6:30-32); Standing Stone Ministry mirrors that ministry in its retreats. Bob Shank – Founder/CEO – The Master’s Program

Bob is also a Board Member of Standing Stone Ministry

Denny and Leesa Bellesi

“Standing Stone Mentors believe in marriage. More importantly, they believe in people in ministry who are married and in need of refreshment, refocusing and reconnecting with each other and with God.”

Through its week-long retreats Standing Stone has created an ideal environment to facilitate what God can do when couples take the time to get away from the fray of life and ministry and get real with each other about who they are, where they’re going, and how best to get there in the next season of their journey together.

Be prepared to be pampered with great hospitality, delicious gourmet meals and beautiful landscapes; to enjoy some time for fun and games; as well as to be challenged with honest and straight-forward discussions and encouraged with love, grace, and timely care. We highly recommend this experience and trust these special servants as mentors and friends. Let them share in helping you clarify the future God has in store for you.”

Founding Pastor Denny Bellesi and his wife, Leesa, served for twenty years at Coast Hills Church in Southern California. They are also the founders and current leaders of Kingdom Assignment, a world-wide ministry.

Chris and Les Steckel

Unlike most of the pastors or ministry leaders who attend a Standing Stone retreat, we didn’t arrive with years of experience “pastoring a flock” . Instead, we were rookies….bright-eyed, naïve, and totally clueless about the challenges that lay ahead for us as we assumed our new roles as leaders of a national sports ministry that touches millions of lives each year. After over thirty-two years of

coaching in professional sports, God had called us to a new place in our walk with Him and we had no way of knowing what that would require.

In that initial time of great transition and in the ensuing years as well our Standing Stone Mentors literally helped lead the way as we journeyed through potential pitfalls, both in ministry and in our marriage. The tools we were equipped with have been invaluable. The times of rest and dream-building have renewed our hope in the midst of challenges. And, the care and nurturing we’ve received from people who want nothing in return; only to serve Christ by serving us has validated Jesus’ love in our own lives. Standing Stone retreats are a place to pull back, reflect, laugh, reconnect, be restored and seek a healthy direction…spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. No matter where you are on your journey, it’s the tune-up we all desperately need. Veteran NFL coach Les Steckel became the seventh President and CEO of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in 2005. Steckel’s extensive involvement with FCA dates back to 1972 when, as a college football coach, he attended his first FCA conference.

Dr. John Townsend

Organizational consultant, psychologist, leadership coach, author and co-author of “Boundaries”

The burnout rate and discouragement of those in ministry are the elephant under our church’s rug. Too often ministers, pastors and their spouses are hurt by the demands of the position and the lack of resources promoting growth and health. The Hogans understand this issue at a deep level and have created solutions through Standing Stone Ministry that bring healing, restoration and energy back to people who serve the Church or other ministries.

Dr. Steve Arterburn

Speaker & Author, Founder of New Life Ministries and Women of Faith. Teaching pastor at Heartland Church, Indianapolis

Shepherding Shepherds: The Standing Stone Story gives real hope to staying strong in ministry. It offers ministry couples a mentoring relationship that will help keep them on the right course. If you are looking for a path to follow in ministry or want to help shepherd the shepherds you will find the answers here and on the Standing Stone Ministry website.

Jim Burns, PhD. 

President, HomeWord. Author of Creating an Intimate Marriage and Closer: Devotions to Draw Couples Together.

Jim and Debbie Hogan are fun, creative, hospitable, inspiring, insightful and so is this book. They are honest and authentic about the needs of ministry couples. You may be surprised to find out that a majority of ministry couples feel lonely and guilty. These couples are leaving the ministry at 1700 each month because they are discouraged. Jim and Debbie are mentors to many and they bring what they call the “three letter F word,” fun, to all they encounter. I believe in them, this book and the incredible work of Standing Stone Ministry.

Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott 

Authors of The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring. Founders of LesAndLeslie.com

This heart-felt book by Jim and Debbie Hogan reveals their passion, mission, and calling to shepherd the shepherds.  Healthy leaders lead healthy flocks.  And strong ministry leaders create strong followers of Jesus. Shepherding Shepherds is a Kingdom-building resource you’re sure to enjoy.  Don’t miss out on its message!

Norm and Bobbe Evans

They “Get it”! They really “Get it!”! Because they come from successful careers in the business world, have served in the trenches of ministry, in the church, with the para-church, and because they have served in leadership on many boards, Standing Stone Mentors are keenly aware of the pressures and pit-falls of serving as a pastor or ministry leader.

They know and understand the often unrealistic expectations placed on those who serve the church and ministries which work alongside the church. They know and understand the inner world of the pastor or ministry leader. They are perfectly suited for their work of encouragement, renewal, challenge and insight. At Standing Stone retreats they lead a pastoral couple to take an honest look at what is true and valuable versus what is not, with a goal of staying balanced and fit for God’s work.

Our own week at a Standing Stone retreat came as a result of dear friends saying, “You must do this – we have a scholarship in place for you because it changed our lives and ministry.” We showed up depleted emotionally and spiritually, after three intense years of planning and preparing for the transition out of our ministry of forty years. Our retreat week was a monumental turning point for us and we left rested, restored and ready for whatever the Father has next for us. We cannot say enough about this unique approach to ministry and the impact it’s having for the Kingdom.

Norm played fourteen years in the NFL; playing in three Super Bowls and two Pro Bowl games. Norm and Bobbe have served with the Pro Athletes Outreach (PAO) ministry for forty years and Norm served as its president for twenty-six years. Together they now head The Winning Ways.

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