Billy and Ruth Graham had a “Great Marriage”

This week we celebrated Billy Graham’s 95th Birthday. Today I want to celebrate his Marriage!

In Billy Graham’s book “Billy Graham: God’s Ambassador,” he makes the following statements about his marriage: “Ruth and I don’t have a perfect marriage, but we have a “GREAT” one.

For a married couple to expect perfection in each other is unrealistic, since no one is perfect. Ruth and I were called by God as a team. She urged me to go and preach, saying, ‘God has given you the gift of an evangelist. I’ll back you. I’ll rear the children and you travel and preach.”’

In some careers, the spouse may have to stay home alone for long periods of time to raise the children. They try to keep the home fires burning, raising the children, wiping their tears when they cry, and helping them through the tough places.

Ruth Graham was quoted as saying, “My career is being a wife and mother. Bill has the earth for his parish. I have a home and five children for mine. As a wife, your attitude towards God, your husband, and your family, must create an atmosphere of love, appreciation and encouragement, which every family needs. Instead of the mission field of Asia, I have had the mission field of our home, one of the most challenging, difficult and rewarding jobs in the world. It has been a privilege from God Himself.”

“Billy Graham has walked with royalty and received unprecedented media attention for over four decades. In a profession stained by scandal, he stands out as the clearly identified exemplar of clean-living integrity. In a society divided by divorce, he and the wife of his youth have reared five attractive and capable children, all of whom are faithful Christians. He is, in short, an authentic American Hero.”

A Quote from Bill Martin, author of “A Prophet with Honor: The Billy Graham Story.”


By: Linda Katherine Baker, Author, and Mentor for “Standing Stone Ministry”

(photo credit: RubenPS)

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