I LOVE THE WORLD–It’s People I Can’t Stand by Dave Beckwith

Book Cover: I LOVE THE WORLD--It's People I Can't Stand by Dave Beckwith

What’s Inside!

  • Overcoming fears and threats
  • Dealing with crazy-makers and malicious people
  • Experiencing God’s love when you’re at your lowest
  • Taming the wild stallion of the soul
  • Repairing relational brokenness
  • Learning the power of being powerless
  • Four types of anger and how to deal with each type


  • The latest research on what kind of fish or whale may have swallowed Jonah from the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau


“Insightful and profound. Simple and humorous.”

—Dr. John A. Bash, Church Planter, Executive Coaching, J. Bash & Associates

“… a master writer who weaves stories, biblical insights, practical instruction, and encouragement throughout this book.”

—Kathy Collard Miller, International Speaker and Author of over 50 books

“… interesting, enlightening, funny, and helpful. … move from brokenness to wholeness.”

—Pastor Bob Thune, Sr. Pastor, Lifetime Achievement Award, Biola University

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