Collatoral Damage and Occupational Hazards of Pastoring

The plight of today’s pastors often result in a significant “blast zone” with collateral damage to their marriages, families, churches, communities, and even nationally. Statistics compiled by Shiloh Ministries reveals the damaging collateral impact to the pastoral marriage:


  • 50% of pastors marriages end in divorce
  • 40% of pastors have had a extra-marital sexual affair since entering ministry
  • 85% of spouses feel discouraged in their roles
  • 80% of pastors wives feel unappreciated by the congregation
  • 80% of pastors wives feel pressured to be someone they are not or do things they are not called to do in the church
  • Over 50% of pastors wives feel that their husbands entering ministry was the most destructive thing to ever happen to their families

The collateral damage of moral failures from pastors often gain national attention and stigma for the church. “When a pastor’s public example and credibility is destroyed by sexual sin, his life will never again be the same as a public leader. The world judges the church by its ministers, whether we like it or not” (, 2005) “There are no winners. A family is torn asunder. A church is left with questions. And in the wake of a megachurch, thousands are left wondering, ‘Why? How could he do this to us?” (, 8/17/2012)

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