Have Fun Together!

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Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love.  Ecclesiastes 9:9

Remember when you were dating? For some of you it may be a recent memory, for others it may seem like two lifetimes ago. No matter. One of the things that draw us to a person is how we feel when we are with them.

Are we energized?

Are we excited?

Is life brighter when we are in their presence?

Do we have fun and laugh often?

Most of those feelings led us to fall in love with our spouse. However, life often gets difficult and work trumps play. We do what is needed to be done during crunch time and we tend to forget how important it is to have fun together. We must not minimize the importance of taking the time to play and have fun with our spouse and the positive impact it has on us and on our attitude. Let’s move this one up to high priority status!


Make individual lists of activities you enjoy or have always wanted to try. Be sure that these activities can be pursued together and would not be restricted because of physical or financial limitations.

Don’t hesitate to write down any idea that comes to mind. You might really be surprised at the response you get.

Compare notes and choose one or two activities and set a date to begin having fun together. Some of you may be out of practice in something you used to do in the past. Don’t give up! Keep at it and you will ignite the spirit of fun and play that will enhance your time together.

Pursue fun together – it’s a blast!

Preparing Your Heart and Mind

Suggested Prayer:  Father, I pray for ____________. I pray that he/she will take the time to rejoice with me in You and in life itself. I pray that you will bless __________ in all of his/her labors. I also pray that __________ will recognize that all good things come from you and that you desire for us to experience fun, happiness, and joy together. May our hearts be encouraged and filled with joy unspeakable. Please help us to be creative in our pursuit of fun together. Thank you, Father, that having fun is a gift from you to your children. In Jesus name – Amen!

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