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If you have the passion and desire to serve as Standing Stone Shepherds we encourage you to CLICK HERE to get additional information.

But first, go to our FAQs to get the answers to many of the questions you probably have.

Standing Stone Ministry Shepherds will be selected after an extensive vetting process that will help identify men and women who have ministry experience, as well as having demonstrated a heart for caring for others.

After completion and approval of their application, background and reference check, and the completion of required reading, they will be invited to attend an Standing Stone Ministry Shepherd Training.

Take the time right now and fill out an APPLICATION for consideration.

All Standing Stone Shepherds will:

  • Participate in two days of training at a regional location.
  • Receive all training materials needed to succeed in developing mentoring relationships with pastors, ministry leaders, missionaries, and graduating seminary students.
  • Be trained in Standing Stone protocols, guidelines, and expectations of being a Shepherd.
  • Develop relationships based on caring and confidentiality with pastors and other ministry leaders (women shepherds will include ministry wives).
  • Pray weekly for them regarding the needs and challenges facing their churches/organizations.
  • Be a ministry resource consultant sharing from your wealth of experience.
  • Encourage pastors and their spouses to attend a Standing Stone couples retreat.

A Standing Stone Shepherd will impact the church boards and members by:

  • Helping them understand the challenges and struggles facing their pastoral staff.
  • Providing educational materials and webinar opportunities.
  • Providing ministry consulting assistance.

A Standing Stone Shepherd will impact graduating seminary students by:

  • Developing a mentoring relationship with them before they graduate and enter full-time vocational ministry.
  • Being a ministry resource they can draw from for years to come.

How will Standing Stone Shepherds be compensated?

  • Shepherds will be compensated by raising ministry support from family, friends, former church members, and other relationships developed over a lifetime of ministry.

Types of Shepherds

  • Paid Staff Shepherds - Our paid shepherds have the flexibility of working 15 hours per week (level one), 30 hours a week (level 2), or 40 hours per week (level 3).
  • Volunteer Shepherds - Our volunteer shepherds have the flexibility to care for pastors on their own schedules. We appreciate their partnership in their vital ministry.
  • International Shepherds - Our paid and volunteer international shepherds can go on 5-6 week short-term care missions to serve ministry leaders around the world. Contact us for more information.

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