How we can support more pastors to get care they need

The need for pastors having a mentor and pastoral care for themselves is overwhelmingly vast. Pastors are at risk and no single stand-alone ministry can fully address the scope and magnitude of the problem. We have to raise awareness of this need and recognize we can’t do it alone.

Standing Stone Ministry is unique in its approach of providing mentorship to both ministry leaders and their spouses as a sustainable solution to pastoral retention and ministry health. Relationships are first established one-couple-at-a-time in week-long retreats at idyllic vacation homes across the country to serve ministry couples. A nation-wide base of experienced mentors directly builds relationships with the ministry couple for the long haul.


This list below is representative (non-exhaustive) of Pastoral Care ministries in the United States, providing resources and services to pastors through literature, blogs, retreats, counseling, and/or hotlines:

Do you know of other great resources for pastors to get much needed care and restoration? Add a comment and let us know.

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