Standing Stone Shepherds

Our Shepherds

Standing Stone shepherds are men and women who have been involved in pastoral ministry for years. They are a diverse group of individuals who have a desire to care for the men and women who have dedicated their lives in service to churches, ministry organizations, and missionary work in our country and around the world.

Each of our shepherds have gathered a team of people to partner with them in this critical ministry.  These partners make up a Standing Stone shepherd’s financial ministry support team. This allows each shepherd to devote their time to caring for pastors and ministry leaders without needing to charge a fee. Asking nothing from those they serve allows our shepherds to build caring and trusted relationships with pastors and other ministry leaders, keeping them healthy and strong.

CLICK HERE to show a current list of our Shepherds. Click on their names to read more about each one and to find out how you can join their financial ministry support team. CLICK HERE to visit our FAQ section and learn more about Shepherds.

Wisdom and Experience

To successfully negotiate the often difficult terrain of pastoral ministry, wisdom and experience are invaluable tools for dealing with the challenges facing church leadership today. Standing Stone Ministry has raised up a team of Shepherds who know the challenges, difficulties, frustrations, and discouragement pastors and other ministry leaders often encounter as they care for the people in their churches and communities.

Standing Stone is looking for retired/semi-retired/ bi-vocational pastors who have a heart to come alongside pastors and other ministry leaders feeling isolated, discouraged, and exhausted.  These pastoral leaders need safe people in their lives, people who have traversed similar terrain and who have the wisdom and experience to help them avoid dangerous situations and decisions.


If you are looking to significantly impact the health of the Church today, there may be no greater way to do it than making sure our pastoral leaders are cared for and healthy. Don’t let today’s ministry leaders walk this difficult path alone.   With the love and care they provide to pastors and other ministry leaders, our Shepherds are making the difference between ministry success or ministry failure for many church leaders. Partner with us as we help them receive the support they so desperately need!

Journeying Together

Please review our FAQs about becoming a Shepherd for Standing Stone for answers to many of the questions you might have about our ministry.  Reading the biographies of our current Shepherds may also be helpful.  After that, if you’re interested in joining our ministry, please provide your CONTACT INFORMATION and a team member will connect with you and help provide any additional information you may need.  After completing this contact form, you’ll be able to download a free copy of “Empowered” – a biblical approach to building financial ministry support, enabling men and women to care for our pastoral leaders.


“Your vision for ministry has not only blessed our lives, but will be a blessing to the lives of those we reach.” – Standing Stone Mentee

“It was clear to see the driving force behind this mentoring couple was integrity, along with an open heart to what the Holy Spirit would do through them. We look forward to continuing the relationship that began this week.” – Standing Stone Mentee

“For the first time my wife was able to connect with someone who really understands the daily stress of the expectations our congregation puts on her and our family.” – Standing Stone Mentee

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