Dr. Andrew Boswell

Dr. Andrew Boswell


“If you could do anything in ministry, what would it be?” Andrew’s response: “I would love to help pastors and missionaries be encouraged, supported, and successful in their ministries!” Becoming a Shepherd at Standing Stone Ministry was an immediate fit.

Andrew has been in ministry for over 40 years and he has found it a wonderful experience of finding the sufficiency of Christ. He deeply loves the Lord Jesus, his wife Dena, their 7 children, and their 21 grandchildren.

He knows the joys and difficulties of church ministry, as well as experiencing years of caregiving responsibilities, family members’ divorces, and the deep sadness of the loss of a child. Through it all, he has found the comfort only the Lord Jesus gives. He is able to come alongside ministry leaders, who with the joys of serving, may also experience the disappoints, loneliness, heartaches, and struggles of balancing life, family, and ministry.

Most of his ministry was in Fort Lauderdale as a pastor serving in various positions at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church such as Minister of Counseling, Executive Administrator, and Minister of Adult Ministries. He was also a pastor at Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville. As Director of Crisis Marriage Programs for Marriage Dynamics Institute, a national ministry, he and Dena led many A New Beginning Workshops across the US for troubled marriages. He is a coach, consultant, and mentor for pastors, missionaries, and leaders of Christian ministries. His doctor of ministry degrees are in biblical counseling and in strong and healthy families.

Andrew knows from experience that those who serve Christ in the front lines need the safe haven of a listening ear, encouragement, refuge, help, and many times, healing. Andrew offers compassion and guidance to victoriously face the pressures and storms of life and ministry.

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