Dr. Andy McDaniel

Dr. Andy McDaniel


Andy comes to Standing Stone with a varied background and a colorful story. He began his professional career after college as a law enforcement officer. Andy served in this role for nearly 12 years. During those years was blessed to live out his childhood dream of becoming a professional wrestler. However, it would be during a dinner with WWE Hall of Famer Ted Dibiase that Andy would ultimately find his real passion: serving the Lord. 

Leaving law enforcement to attend seminary was a bold move, but one with no regrets. Andy has served in ministry since 2001 and as Sr. Pastor since 2003. His passion for fellow-servants is sincere and genuinely from the heart. Andy brings personal experience; he understands heartache and brokenness and has a full understanding of the struggles that can come in ministry. The bottom line is Andy loves Jesus. He has a strong passion for helping fellow pastors. He desires to encourage and let them know that they have a partner in their corner just waiting for the hot-tag.

Andy is married to Melissa, and together they have three daughters. Either separately or together the McDaniels make a great team in our goal to Shepherd the Shepherds. 

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