Beth Waggoner

Beth Waggoner


Beth grew up a pastor's kid and then became a pastor's wife when she married Kyle. She has seen and experienced so many of the feelings that come along with leading in ministry. Beth has personally felt the weight of living in a fishbowl where one’s life is always on display, and knows the loneliness, isolation, and pressures that come with it. Her heart is for helping others feel seen, valued and known—by guiding others in discovering God’s original design for them and who they really are as their authentic self. Beth loves sharing with others the beauty of a life lived rooted in an intimate relationship with Jesus. And she enjoys equipping people with tools for abiding, resting, and investing in their soul care so that they can live out of a spiritual overflow and not deficit.

Beth is passionate about nutritional health and she has found in her own life that a holistic approach combining spiritual, physical and emotional health has been essential to healing, growing, and being made ready for all that God is calling one to. She has a desire to use what she has learned to help others on their journey as well.

Kyle & Beth live in El Dorado Hills and have been in the Sacramento area since 2013. You can find Beth enjoying decorating her home, DIY projects with her hubby Kyle, and reading all the things. She enjoys homeschooling her 3 kiddos, running, cooking healthy food for her family, and spending time in the outdoors soaking in God’s wonder in creation.

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