Bob Brown

Bob Brown


Bob and his wife Pam met while attending Biola and have served in Pastoral ministry for over 30 years. Bob earned his M.Div from Talbot and an MBA in financial planning from Cal. Lutheran. Having experienced a broad array of ministry positions, from student ministry to bivocational church planter, to Associate Pastor, and Senior Pastor, Bob understands what it’s like to live life in a “fishbowl” and navigate the turbulent waters of church and family life.

Today, Bob is learning what it means to lead from behind. As a friend recently said, “the way of the Christian leader is not upward mobility, but downward mobility ending on the cross. It’s not a leadership of power and control, but of powerlessness and humility in which Jesus is manifested. A disciplined process of becoming a person of no reputation, not by default but by design”. Bob and Pam have come to understand that all of life is ministry. Presently Bob and Pam are working in the marketplace serving through their financial service practice. Bob is excited to partner with Standing Stone in serving and mutually encouraging fellow Pastors and their wives. Bob and Pam live in S. Oregon, with four daughters, of which three are married, and 12 grandchildren.

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