Brad Fogal

Brad Fogal

Shepherd - Retreat Shepherd

Brad and his wife Margie have actively and joyfully served the church family together for the past 34 years in the Southern California area. After having served 5 years as a Youth Pastor and then another 11 years as an Associate Pastor, Brad earned a Master of Divinity degree in Theology and has served as an ordained (EFCA) Senior Pastor in one thriving church for the past 18 years. Because of his deep love for God and His people, Brad is committed to serving and supporting the church family in and through its leadership. The Lord has equipped and enabled him through successes and failures, along with the highs and lows in his own life and ministry, that all helped shape and refine his perspective as to how to serve and lead from a deep heart of worship.  With his extensive experience in full-time ministry as a pastor for over 3 decades, he has seen the huge need for pastors to be personally supported, loved and cared for in their unique calling.  It is his foundational conviction that God primarily works in our hearts and lives through committed relationships, and Brad is passionate about building and nurturing those life-changing relationships with other pastors.

In this season of life and ministry, Brad and Margie cannot think of a better way to use the wins and losses, along with the celebrations and wounds of their own life experiences, than to pour themselves out as encouragers and mentors into other pastors and their wives to help equip and enable them with a renewed sense of joy and love for the work of ministry.

Brad and Margie have been richly blessed with 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren. They also love to travel - especially visiting those grandkids who are now spread out from San Diego to New York City!

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