Brian Hoerning

Brian Hoerning


Brian Hoerning has had a desire to serve God most of his life. He was saved as a little boy and was also abused shortly afterwards. Because of the abuse he became addicted to pornography in puberty and until 1989, at age 41, finally found help through a secular recovery program that began his road to recovery. All along the way he sought help from Christian Pastors and leaders in an all-out effort to stop his addiction – not one was able to offer any advice that worked.

Despite his addiction Brian served as a youth pastor, minister of music, drama team leader, adult Bible teacher and recovery ministry leader. He understands what it is like to want to serve with all your heart but at the same time to be bound by an addiction. His goal is to help those in ministry who have an addiction recover and to teach pastors not dealing directly with an addiction how to knowledgably help those who come to them with addiction issues using Biblical solutions that work. He is the author of a soon-to-be published book called “How in The World Do I Help A Sex Addict??? – A Pastors Guide to Sex Addiction”.

Brian graduated college with a BS in Music Education and taught vocal music, drama and coached cross country and track. In 1977 he left teaching and began a career in sales. Since then has been in sales, sales management and marketing. He loves music and until recently was part of the International Barbershop Harmony Society where he sang bass with “The Funtones”. He directs, writes and acts on the church drama team and though a lousy golfer enjoys trying to hit the ball straight!

He is blessed to be married to Donna for 47 years! Together they have 3 grown children and sadly only 2 grandchildren (praying for more)!

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