Chris and Meg Chesley

Chris and Meg Chesley

Retreat Shepherds

When Chris and Meg met, they discovered a life partner with similar passions for making the best better. They both loved helping others find their passions and gifting, and mentoring to help others be leaders in their own right.  When they started finishing one another’s sentences while on-line, they knew it was a match within two months of meeting.  Chris and Meg are still enjoying their honeymoon 15 years later!

Meg has a degree in dietetics. She is a nationally recognized public speaker and trainer in Child Nutrition. Meg is also President of A Higher Level, a consulting firm for school nutrition and menu planning software.  Meg loves to cook, entertain and loves photography.

Chris is a retired ship’s master, ship pilot. Together with Meg, Chris is Chief Operating Officer for A Higher Level.  He is also the President and founder of Lifewerks Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to helping individuals and organizations discover and achieve their God-given purpose and calling.

Chris and Meg love being on or near the water and sailing is a big part of their life. They lived a dream on a 41 foot catamaran for 2-1/2 years. They sailed from Maine to Florida and the Bahamas before coming to the San Juan Islands where they have sailed for the last 5 years. They own a beautiful home in Anacortes Washington that is also available for retreats.

As mentors they love being able to relate to leaders and provide an opportunity to strengthen and encourage them. They recognize that healthy, thriving churches begin with healthy, thriving leaders.  Providing an avenue for rest and renewal for ministry leaders hits the center of their heart’s passion for God’s Church.

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