Dick and Carol Worthington

Dick and Carol Worthington

Retreat Shepherds

Dick and Carol Worthington have retired from local church pastoring after thirty years, five as a youth pastor, and twenty five as a senior pastor serving in Hawaii and Southern California. Dick recevied his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Pacific Christian College, (now Hope International Universtiy).

Dick and Carol have started their own home-ministry to international missionary families called “Selah Haus,” which invites missionaries and their families from all over the world to come for a free week of fun, rest and restoration.
They have been married for 42 years, and have a passion for godly marriages, they are Certified Marriage Counselors and Coaches through Prepare/Enrich and Family Dynamics. Their home has been a successful haven for families, offering biblical guidance, love, service, coaching and mentoring.

They have raised three daughters, each married and all serving the Lord in different capacities, their oldest daughter is a missionary with her husband in St. Petersburg, Russia. Dick and Carol have eight grandchildren.

Dick and Carol understand what pastoring a church is like, Dick was asked to explain what pastoring a church was like, he anwered “It’s like having a job hand feeding squirrels, they are delightful, but hard to draw close to you, you can’t make any harsh moves or sounds or they will scatter, you have to carefully hold out your hands with the food of life, and every once in awhile they bite, but the pain is worth the pleasure of being close to them and serving them.”
Pastors and their wives can take marriage and ministry pitfalls too much to heart and lose the balance of marriage, family and the fun of life. Life tools, coupled with a sense of humor is critical for maintaing those balances. “Humor is an ointment for lifes rashes.”

Dick and Carol love sports, fun, laughter, people, traveling and serving God’s Kingdom by using the gifts He has uniquely given to them.

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