Gary Sinclair

Gary Sinclair


Gary has been married to Jackie since 1976 and has served in pastor roles since 1989.  Prior to that he was a teacher and counselor at a Christian school in the Detroit suburbs where he and Jackie met. They have two grown children and six grandsons.

He is a gifted speaker and Bible teacher and is also currently coaching, consulting, speaking at conferences, writing and training leaders as part of the John Maxwell Team. His website is:

He’s written four books, two on marriage and parenting, a third on overcoming called Never Quit Climbing and a fourth called NOW: Breaking Free From the Someday Syndrome. He has also been published in several national magazines, posts his blog and vlogs and has appeared on several national podcasts. He and Jackie also wrote an article about one of her teaching remembrances that was published in the 2017 Inspiration for Teachers edition of Chicken Soup For the Soul.

Gary attended Taylor University and has two graduate degrees from Wayne State University and Grace Seminary plus additional Bible and theology credits from Dallas Seminary. He is also a songwriter, singer, keyboardist and avid hiker/climber, having summited nine of Colorado’s fourteeners.

Since the early 90’s God has opened up numerous opportunities to serve in a variety of capacities in Russia including pastoral ministry With Jackie his passion is to share their experience in ministry, build up leaders and their families and encourage those who are struggling to wisely overcome their personal and ministry mountains.

Gary’s counseling background makes him an insightful listener, helper and coach, having utilized those skills in each of his church ministries. They currently attend Ben Davis Christian Church in Indianapolis where he periodically speaks and assists in worship. They also help resource and mentor the Standing Stone shepherds in the Midwest.

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