Julie Overholser

Julie Overholser


Julie has served along with her husband Jamie in pastoral ministry for 30 years. Julie and Jamie have 4 wonderful children who currently reside in 4 different states, yet are close at heart.

Julie has a strong heart for mentoring, since she was mentored growing up without even knowing it. As she says, “I was mentored on a piano bench.”  Now, 30 years later, she teaches 31 piano lessons per week with the same desire: to mentor her students’ hearts toward Christ through the avenue of music.

In 2017, Julie completed her studies in Christian Spiritual Formation. She has a strong desire to continue walking deeply with Christ as He is formed in her, and as He uses her to mentor and walk alongside others. She is an avid reader, loves Bible Study and getting together with ladies to share and talk.

Julie enjoys photography, interior design, wood working, flipping furniture, and just about anything that gets her creative juices flowing. God is a Creator, and so part of the image of God in us, she believes, is our ability to create.

Julie and Jamie have experienced first-hand the joys and sorrows, ups and downs, and successes and failures of leading churches and serving flocks. She and Jamie have been deeply loved and significantly wounded along the way. But God’s love has never failed, and His faithfulness is everlasting.

The Lord has given Julie and Jamie the desire and passion to walk alongside other pastors, ministry leaders, and their spouses as they experience the challenges of ministry that can affect their personal lives and marriages.

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