Kelly and Kathy Kosky

Kelly and Kathy Kosky


Both Kelly and Kathy were schooled in Southern California. Kathy got a BS in nursing at Point Loma College, and went on to become an RN. While Kelly did his undergraduate degrees at San Diego State and did graduate studies at UCLA, to become a CPA, financial advisor to the governor, and teaching college business courses.

Soon after they were married in 1976, they moved to Idaho/Montana to develop and own a CPA corporation. After ministering at churches and conferences, they left their lifestyle in Montana to work full time in the ministry. In 1988 they moved overseas. They have planted hundreds of churches internationally, as well as establishing a Bible college, and children centers (overseas). In addition, Kelly is an international conference and church speaker. Kelly is currently the director of five international ministries, which can been found at

They have been counseling ministry-couples for over 25 years, with great success.  They understand pressure and stress of the ministry, and it’s effects on a marriage/family. Now they are developing mentoring relationship with ministry couples, who have had similar struggles over the years.

The Koskys spend half of the year ministering overseas and the other half, based out of Colorado.

They have six children four grandchildren who reside in the Rocky Mountains. They enjoy skiing, cycling, but most of all, just having fun.


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