Kyle Banks

Kyle Banks


Kyle has worked with teenagers for over ten years, and served as a full time youth pastor. During that time he and his wife, Sarah, experienced firsthand the loneliness that can come from being in ministry, and the need for a unique kind of support and encouragement that pastors require. God has given Kyle both the desire and the opportunity to come alongside other youth ministers as a coach, mentor, and friend. He has served in that capacity since 2015, and has developed  a two-year curriculum designed to equip and empower young ministers for a lifetime in ministry. He and Sarah live in Nashville, TN where they have just been approved as a foster family, and are eagerly awaiting their first placement. In his spare time, Kyle enjoys good coffee and good books, playing and watching sports, and spending time outdoors camping, hiking, and mountain biking. 


Kyle has said, “There’s nothing in the world like having a gospel friend walk with you in the journey of life. You will often find yourself taking second glances at them, thinking that Jesus had taken their place."

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