Michael Murray

Michael Murray


Michael served for 20 years in pastoral ministry in three different churches directing,leading and counseling to individuals and families. Michael has a heart for helping those in pastoral and campus ministry who are struggling with burnout, ministry or marriage issues as well as moral failure.

Coming out of his own season of failure, Michael has since been restored and given a fresh call on His life to provide care and compassion for those facing the same season of life. Knowing the overwhelming pressures of ministry, marriage and family has given Michael insight and empathy into those serving. His one desire is to be an advocate and encourager to those on the front-line to help prevent burnout and leaving ministry.

Michael is married to Autumn and he has 3 children 20, 18, and 12 and Autumn has a daughter who also is 12.

Michael received his Masters of Divinity and is presently active in his local church volunteering in men and children’s ministry.

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