Pam Brown

Pam Brown


Pam and her husband Bob, come to Standing Stone Ministries with a sense of awe as they are watching how the Lord is bringing ministry full-circle in their lives.  We came into ministry life believing our service for the Lord was through the church.  We’ve come to realize that all of life is ministry, whether serving within the church or without. That has brought a sense of freedom and joy as they’ve seen God minister through Pam’s tenure working within the public school arena as well as their present financial business the last fourteen years.

Pam and Bob met at Biola University and quickly fell in love.  They were married in the summer of 1980 and Bob continued on to Talbot Seminary for another three years.  Fresh out of seminary they began their formal ministry and have served together in six churches over a period of 30 years.

Meanwhile Pam was home with their four daughters, and homeschooling for many of those years.  Pam joyfully served alongside Bob within the church.  Her passion was children and so for many of those years she was found to be leading in all aspects of the children’s work.  She also loved putting on events and creating fun wherever she could. Her passion is meeting with women one-on-one.  Undoubtedly her greatest joy is her family.  Their grown children are walking with the Lord and raising their twelve grandchildren to love Jesus.  There is no greater joy and no greater challenge.

What she wasn’t prepared for in ministry was the far-reaching expectations, the pedestal that always seemed to lead to a big crash, the positional relationships, the constant criticism of her husband, and the quiet burdens her children would carry.  God deepened us through the wounding but not without the tremendous blessings of healing/some still ongoing, and experiencing the Lord powerfully in the midst of the pain. Pam’s testimony is simply, “we will share in His sufferings” and “by His stripes we are healed.”   

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