Rick Gunn

Rick Gunn


Rick has been in full time ministry on church staffs for 38 years. He is a graduate of Pacific Christian College in Fullerton Ca., and has worked in small, medium and large churches as Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor with adults, and presently serves as Lead Pastor of a church plant in Southern California.

He knows what it is like to go through seasons of joy and hardship, hiring and firing staff, both success and failure.  He sometimes admittedly has fantasies about writing a book entitled, “Things Pastors Wish They Could Say To Difficult People, But Don’t.”  (He actually loves people and especially loves encouraging Pastors and their families!)

Rick has been married to his wife Sharon for 34 years and has raised two sons, both Police Officers in a large metropolitan city.  He and his wife have experienced both the joy and the heartache of one child walking with the Lord, and another walking away from the faith for a season.  He has mentored several others in ministry over the years and is available as a good listener and encourager.

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