Roger and Alice Williamson

Roger and Alice Williamson

Retreat Shepherds

Alice and Roger have been married for 44 years and have two grown children, Todd and Nicole and now have 7 grandchildren. They grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago but they met at the University of Illinois where Alice got her degree in Merchandising.  Roger attended the University of Illinois and Ohio University but received his degree in Business Administration from Wichita State University.

During their kids formative years Alice got her RN degree and worked in CCU at the local hospital because she was able to fit the work schedule into her “Mom” schedule.  During that time Roger did the “typical” Dad thing-climbed the corporate ladder of Coldwell Banker through real estate and eventually into the mortgage arena. But then when the kids were in high school, things got interesting.

Planning ahead for life after kids, they moved to California and together started Kent Mortgage.  The plan was simple, make money and learn how to sail…  Then, sell the company and sail way for a few years to the South Pacific.

Well, we all know how plans are; more of a guideline than an actual plan. But looking back, God was always good to them and they knew it! Their three year plan turned into a twelve year plan but in April of 2000 Roger and Alice left Kent Mortgage Corporation in the capable hands of their 27 year old daughter and dropped the lines of their sail boat “Leviathan” for their first landfall 18 days away. Through the next 6 years they sailed the South Pacific visiting 13 countries and spending a great deal of time together…24/7.  Returning to California through Hawaii and British Columbia, they sold their sailboat in Seattle and settled back into life “on land”.

Back in Southern California, they are now back at Kent Mortgage and focusing more of their time on serving the Kingdom.  Roger has been on the board of Priority Living for a total of 18 years.  Alice worked for Bob Shank, Priority Living, as a Masters Program site administrator.  Together they have led a bible study in their home for 8 years.  Roger has used his financial background to serve at church teaching biblical financial principals.  Alice has used her nursing background and has volunteered for missions trips to Katrina, Haiti and to South Africa.  She is also pursuing a newfound interest in crisis intervention by working as a hospice volunteer and a BGEA rapid response training chaplain.

They are both very excited to a part of the Standing Stone mentor program!!

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