Sandra Sisam

Sandra Sisam


Sandy loves life! She grew up in a Missionary Pastor’s home where she learned to love and serve the Lord. Having known each other since childhood, Sandy and her husband Dale have been married over forty years.

“My heart for shepherds has been forged in the fire of thirty-five years of pastoral ministry. I have experienced the ups and downs, victories and defeats, and joys and sorrows of ministry. It breaks my heart to see shepherds struggle, falter, fall or question their God calling. I understand the challenges that beautiful pastors’ wives face standing with their husbands in ministry. My passion is for pastors and their wives to thrive and not just survive in their family, faith, and ministry. Offering a safe environment for healing and hope, it is my joy to pray and provide God’s counsel.”

Sandy is a wife, mother, grandmother and pastor. She graduated from ACTS International Bible College and upon graduation she taught classes on Prayer, Spiritual Gifts and Women in Ministry at the Bible College. Through the years she has ministered at various Women’s events, conferences and retreats in the United States, Mexico and Australia. She has created children’s Sunday School and Vacation Bible School curriculum and is an active member of the Minnesota Christian Writers Guild. In 2017 she authored her first book “Loving Life” and is currently working on her second “Jump for Joy.” Her hobbies and interests include playing with her grandchildren, reading, writing, sewing, horseback riding and a good football game.

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