Scot Glasco

Scot Glasco


When a pastor becomes wounded and broken, or goes astray, where does one go to be loved and listened to? Where does one go when they feel betrayed? What does a pastor do when they find themselves on the kitchen floor, stomach tied up in knots, knees in a fetal position and they fear their marriage and ministry has come to an end?

This is where Scot begins his story of recovery and how Jesus got a hold of his heart. “I really had no place to go. I knew God’s jaw does not drop when someone confesses the true intentions and inadequacies of their spiritual condition. I just felt alone and assumed no one wanted to hear it, let alone believe it. There is no scarier place to be than to want to follow Jesus and believe in the God of one’s youth, but the heart fails to engage.” 

Fortunately, Jesus’ unconditional love, forgiveness, and grace penetrated his deepest concerns through a group of men who understood the redeeming work of restoration. It took outsiders to bring him back… actually forward.  “Standing Stone is the ministry I wish was available when I was in ministry. Yet, I’m ecstatic it exists today! Pastors need pastors who can trust, who are unequivocal in authenticity and availability, not just because we care but because we speak the same language. We are in need as much as anyone else (despite what we may tell ourselves). The friendships must be there. They must be safe. Standing Stone provides this.” Scot’s mission is to be there when the hand of any pastor reaches out for help. 

Scot graduated from Biola (BS - Christian Ed.), Talbot Seminary, (MA- Christian Ed.), and Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.-Pastoral Ministries). He has served as an Assistant Pastor, and Christian Education Director, and worked with campus ministries, including Youth for Christ, and Young Life. His favorite pastime is West Coast swing and ballroom dancing. 

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