Todd Roughton

Todd Roughton


Todd has served in pastoral ministry for nearly 24 years. He has experienced the ups and downs of pastoral work within the various rolls of student, discipleship, worship and teaching/preaching ministries. Todd has personally experienced and seen unrealistic expectations, loneliness, burnout, and a variety of different struggles within the rolls of vocational ministry. Due to the difficult situations, Todd and his wife Summer understand what it means to walk through difficult times in ministry because of the journey that God has allowed them to walk through, yet through each of the experiences, they have grown in their love for ministry, expanded their view of ministry and trusted Jesus deeply as they walked in spaces that were difficult. Todd has a desire to see authentic, intentional relationships with deeper connections grow with the purpose of walking alongside others going through similar circumstances, supporting others in their own ministry, hoping to encourage, mentor, and care for them. One of his greatest ministry passions is for being real, open and honest, acknowledging the mess that ministry can be while walking with those during these difficult times.

Todd and Summer have been married for 20 years and have five kids who are truly amazing - each one of them God has used to teach and grow Todd within a different aspect of life. They live in Sarasota, Florida - one of the greatest places, where Todd loves to cycle, paddleboard, hang out at the beach, or spend time with his family.

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