Travis and Carol Turner

Travis and Carol Turner

Shepherd - Retreat Shepherds

Travis and Carol Turner have been mentoring men and women in the area of marriage relationships since 1992. They are the Founders of Divine Romance Ministries based in Phoenix Arizona. They have two adult children and two grand children.

Travis released his first book “The Family Quarterback” in 2014. Travis is also a featured instructor in the Christ Quest Institute, that is being presented in several locations around the country and on-line at As a business man, Travis was instrumental in building the largest home inspection firm in Arizona. He also established a thriving real estate business. Travis takes a unique blend of ministry, business and sports experience to inspire leadership in the home, where it begins. Travis was the starting quarterback at the University of Nebraska in 1984-85.

Divine Romance Ministries, Inc. provides Christ-centered mentoring/coaching. Their goal is to strengthen Christian marriages in an effort to eliminate divorce. They share their story at seminars, retreats and conferences. The focus of their message is a complete and total surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 13:8 tells us that “Love Never Fails”. This is a promise they take literally. They believe that the love of Christ can guide, direct, humble and inspire us to overcome any relationship conflict we encounter.

They know that the principles they teach work, because they have seen them transform their home.


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