Poor choices lead to an unhealthy lifestyle

Poor choices can lead us down the path to destruction before we are even aware of what we are doing. Satan attacks us when we are at our lowest point and most vulnerable. The key is to be aware of the bad choices when they happen. We must learn to put on the “Armor of God” every single day so we can be strong in our faith. When God protects us, then the unholy thoughts that come into our minds do not take control. So many of us think we can do life on our own without any help or guidance from God. I know from experience, that when I try to deal with an issue in my marriage, work or any kind of relationship, without turning to God for wisdom, I make the wrong choices. I start worrying about things that are not important, and I start judging other people and become critical of them. My cup becomes half empty instead of half full. It is then I realize that all I need to do is look into the mirror and understand that I am the one that is off track.

Our world is full of opportunities to make wrong choices, some that are harmful, and could impact us for the rest of our lives. If we become aware of such patterns of poor choices, we can easily change them. God forgives us immediately, and will keep us protected once we follow HIS will for our life. There will always be periods of sickness, and even periods of lack, or periods of temptation to sin, and maybe even some falling by the wayside to sin. Everyone stumbles; some physically, some mentally, some morally, and some financially. The sin is not to stumble, but to stumble and never rise again. To pick yourself up after you fall and begin all over again is God’s way. God loves us and forgives us. We must learn to forgive others and also to forgive ourselves.

When I was a marriage and family therapist, couples would come into a session blaming one another for what was wrong in their life. They did not want to take responsibility for what was not working in their own lives. What we need to learn as Christians, is that no one else is responsible for our happiness. We wake up every day and make a choice, to be happy or not to be happy. When we look externally for a spouse or child or friend to complete us and make us happy, we are short circuiting God. He is our strength, he is our love and he brings us all that we need to be content, make right choices and to be happy.

Happiness is an inside job. We need to learn how to nurture ourselves and be content with who we are. God created “Human Beings” not “Human Doings.” Being busy is easy. The hard part is to slow down long enough to allow God to let us know what He wants us to be. We need to take care of ourselves. We need to be in prayer daily, getting restorative sleep every night and eat nutritious foods in appropriate amounts. When we get that balance in our life we get stronger to face each day.

When we are filled with true, abundant love from God, our choices are the right ones. Our cup runs over with unconditional love and acceptance for people who may be different from us. We see others as Jesus would see them, whole, healthy and happy. We become less judgmental. God tells us to “love one another” and to live harmoniously as HIS children. In God’s eyes we are all equal. No one is better than anyone else. When we stop making wrong choices and choose the choices that God would have us make, it is then that we can reclaim freedom from stress and gain peace of mind.

By: Linda Katherine Baker M.A., Mentor for Standing Stone Ministry


“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”
Psalm 37:4

Photo Credit: katbert via Compfight cc

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