Church Members

Carrying the Weight of Others

Most church members have no idea what is expected of their pastor. They are often times expected to be a CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, Counselor, and Relationship Expert, all at the same time! Your pastor is carrying around the expectations of so many people – it is overwhelming, frustrating, and discouraging. Enough so that many want to quit!

Leader Care

People who love their churches should make sure their pastors are cared for and healthy. When pastors leave their churches, it often causes confusion, disappointment, and feelings of great loss to staff and membership. The top two reasons most pastors leave their churches are ministry burnout and marital issues. As members of a church, many might wonder what can be done to help care for their pastoral team and keep them from becoming a part of this tragic statistic.

Don’t Let Your Pastor Raise a Flag of Defeat

Churches encounter financial hardships when they lose their pastor. Often attendance and offerings are reduced and the expense of finding a replacement pastor can be costly. Wise churches make sure their pastors avoid burnout and place a premium on the health of their pastor’s marriage and family.

Standing Stone Ministry provides ministry support, at no cost, from one of OUR SHEPHERDS who can identify with the challenges and struggles facing your pastor. Who can a pastor go to when the pressures of ministry and life have become detrimental to their health? Standing Stone Shepherds have years of ministry experience and have learned helpful tools that bring a balance to their ministries and marriages. Our Shepherds are able to build caring and safe relationships with pastors, allowing them to process their challenges and struggles. Standing Stone also offers a WEEK-LONG RETREAT for ministry couples who need to be refreshed and rejuvenated in their relationship with God and with each other. This retreat is not a vacation, but a special time with Retreat Shepherds who are able to lead them in a time of encouragement and decompression in a safe environment.

What can you do?

  • Read Standing Stone’s 52 WAYS to Care for Your Pastor and select several action steps. Encourage other church members to do the same.
  • Become an advocate of care for your pastoral team. Encourage your pastor and wife to attend a Standing Stone Couples Retreat. If your church can’t afford it, partner with Standing Stone to raise the cost of the retreat. Contact us on our web site for more information.
  • Encourage your church leadership to send your pastor and his spouse for a weekend getaway (have the church foot the bill), and invite a Standing Stone Shepherd to share a special message on Leader Care that Sunday morning.

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