Ministry Wives

We’re in this together!

The life of a woman married to a man in ministry presents special challenges. Where can a ministry wife turn when she needs a safe place to let off some steam, ask questions, or seek encouragement or counsel? There are women who know what you are going through and desire to come alongside you to provide safe support and care. Standing Stone’s female Shepherds are a wonderful resource for ministry wives and women who are serving in other leadership roles in the Church.

Our female Shepherds are former and current ministry wives that have 20, 30, even 40 years of ministry experience. We understand the joy and pain, the excitement and disappointment, and the highs and lows that come with ministry because we’ve been there.


Our female Shepherds are passionate about connecting and relating with women in ministry who deserve being appreciated for their service. They want to encourage the unsung heroes in the church – wives of pastors and women in pastoral ministry.

We connect with ministry wives through emails, phone calls, Skype sessions, and face-to-face over coffee or a meal. Occasionally we have small events for local ministry wives to get together for fun, food, and great fellowship. We are a safe place to download and process thoughts and feelings. We honor and provide confidentiality.


If you are looking for support from a ministry designed specifically to meet your unique needs and challenges, please CLICK HERE and one of our female Shepherds will confidentially contact you.


“Thank so much for reaching out! I also wanted to thank you for the recent email you sent to the pastors’ wives…so encouraging and uplifting.”   C.W. (Irvine, CA)

“Thank you for taking the time to call me the other day. You have no idea how much you encouraged me. I now have hope again and feel like I have the strength to face this challenge.” C.P. (Branson, MO)

“You have no idea how this email came at such perfect timing” B.C. (Colorado Springs, CO)

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