Walk With Someone Who Knows the Path

Too many of our pastors feel alone on a ministry journey full of obstacles. They realize that schooling and training did not prepare them to face such difficulties and wonder if they will be able to succeed.

Our Shepherds have years of experience walking in the shoes you wear. They know the challenges, difficulties, frustrations, and discouragement you have encountered on your ministry journey while trying to care for people in your church and community.

Although our Shepherds have struggled with feelings of being inadequate, isolated, unappreciated and misunderstood, they have overcome the pain of being judged, betrayed, and undervalued and want to share how they made it through their journey while still loving God and His people. They are a safe harbor, they will not judge what you share and they will provide complete confidentiality.

Seeing the Challenge Ahead

Some pastors see challenges and believe they are insurmountable. Our Shepherds look at them with a sense of wonder and see a great opportunity for significant success. They want to help you navigate the difficult challenges facing you. Utilizing their wisdom and experience can make the difference in your ministry success.

Our Shepherds have been trained to walk with pastors and other ministry leaders as they unpack the pressures and problems they face, without having to fear the loss of their job or reputation. They are passionate about serving pastors and may just make the difference between ministry success or ministry burnout. If you would like one of our Shepherds to contact you please CLICK HERE.

Journeying Together

Our Shepherds are funded by their own ministry support teams which are also committed to helping you succeed and remain on your ministry journey. Standing Stone Shepherds willing serve at no cost to you or your church. We need you to be healthy and feel supported by people who appreciate and value the unique calling on your life.


Your vision for ministry has not only blessed our lives, but will be a blessing to the lives of those we reach.

– Standing Stone Mentee

It was clear to see the driving force behind this mentoring couple was integrity, along with an open heart to what the Holy Spirit would do through them. We look forward to continuing the relationship that began this week.

– Standing Stone Mentee

For the first time my wife was able to connect with someone who really understands the daily stress of the expectations our congregation puts on her and our family.

– Standing Stone Mentee

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